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Empire Materials is a retail and wholesale supplier of bulk Mulch, Stone, Sand, Soil, and Salt, sold by the cubic yard with various bucket sizes. We also supply bales of straw, peat moss, soil amendments, and ice melt products. 


Bales of Straw

We have 2 loaders and 3 bucket sizes  available to meet your needs.

Limestone Dust

Premium dyed black mulch

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Other products: Bales of straw, bagged peat moss, Grass seed, Weed barrier cloth

Empire is your local Chemgro seed dealer

Soil - Screened Topsoil, Soil amendments, Mushroom soil (call for availability)

2B and 1B Limestone

Delivery available - call for delivery fee

Stone - Limestone (2B, 1B, 2A/Modified, Dust, call for other sizes); Decorative stone (call for types)

Mulch - Premium Hardwood Double Ground Mulch, Vivid Red, Premium Black

Salt - We are a supplier of bulk rock salt for your truck spreaders....always kept dry and under roof!

Vivid Red mulch

Multicolor River Rock

Premium double ground hardwood bark mulch

Our billboard briefly sums it up, but we offer a  variety of these bulk products. Please call with any of your inquiries.

Sand - Mason Sand

Screened Topsoil

Sales Yard and Office: 57 Cooper Avenue, Johnstown, PA 15906

Phone: 814-536-3400     

Open M-F 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. - Evenings and weekends by prior appointment​ (call ahead)

Construction Sand