Landscaping - We plant new shrubs and trees and create beds for them. We also remove shrubs that you no longer desire to have, and we replaced dead/damaged shrubs.


Bark mulching - We cut a clean edge in the sod that borders all beds, weed beds, and spread mulch in beds. A variety of mulch types and colors are available.

Spring Cleanup - We use a powerbroom to thoroughly remove all cinders from your lawn that were pushed in through the wintertime. We use blowers, vacuums, and rakes to remove all leaves and debris from lawn and beds.

Lawn Mowing - We mow lawns, trim edges and around obstacles in lawn, and blow off grass from paved areas.

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Shrub trimming - We trim all shrubs, clean up and haul away debris and clippings. Typically done twice per year, but a customized schedule is made based on the plants in your landscape.

Driveway and Sidewalk Edging - We use a mechanical edger that cuts a clean edge in the sod so that it does not grow over the sidewalks, curbs, and driveway

Fall Cleanup - We use blowers, vacuums, and rakes to remove all leaves, sticks, and debris from lawn and beds. All debris and leaves are tarped and hauled away.

Decorative or utility stone installation - We
install edging, weed barrier, and decorative stone in your beds. We also do gravel/shale driveways and parking areas.

Ice control - We spread salt or ice melt on your parking areas and walkways in icy conditions to prevent/remove ice buildup and avoid slippery conditions.

Snow removal - We plow snow at a pre-determined depth of snow - no need to call!